Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

1000 krónur


The watermark is a portrait of Jón Sigurðsson, leader of Iceland?s independence movement. It is clearly visible on both sides of the note when held up to the light.

Security thread

The note has a multicoloured metallic thread embedded in the paper, 1.2 mm wide and windowed on the obverse. When held up to the light it appears as a continuous line. The cleartext inscription reads 1000KR.

Intaglio printing

On both sides of the note there is intaglio printing which can be detected by touch.


Microtext beneath the picture of the church on the reverse appears as an unbroken line to the naked eye, but when magnified, forms a continuous line with the words SEÐLABANKI ÍSLANDS. There is also microtext beneath the portrait of Bishop Brynjólfur Sveinsson on the obverse, forming a continuous line with the words SEÐLABANKI ÍSLANDS.

Red serial number on the obverse

The unique serial number of the note is printed in red on the obverse, but appears yellow under ultraviolet light.

Micro-engraved lettering tint (melt)

The number 1000 is printed horizontally with violet shadowing at the top left of the obverse and is repeated on the reverse. When magnified, the shadowing of the numbers forms a continuous pattern of the abbreviation SÍ.

Silver foil

A diamond pattern linked to the underprint is reproduced on silver foil towards the top of the middle of the obverse.

Extra small print

On the right half of the obverse, by the upper and lower margins, is extra small print forming a continuous line with the words SEÐLABANKI ÍSLANDS.


A fluorescent green print enclosing the number 1000 is visible towards the bottom of the middle when the note is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Type of paper

The paper is made of raw cotton with a different feel from that of normal paper.


A reinforced cornerstone watermark enhances the note?s durability and security.

Blind recognition feature

Two vertical lines are intaglio-printed on the obverse to assist the visually handicapped in recognising this note.